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Jimmy Marcus Munk

10/30/2021, 8:16 AM
It would be cool to have an all-in-one image like jaeger has, to simplify deployment for beginners like me. For jaeger I simply add this to my docker-compose, and I'm ready to do the instrumentation. No need to checkout from git and run a separate docker-compose project and no dealing with docker networks.
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    container_name: ${COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME}_jaeger
    image: jaegertracing/all-in-one
      - 6831:6831/udp
      - 16686:16686
      - 14250:14250
Could someone make a similar thing for SigNoz? It would need a volume tag too and maybe more, but could be almost as simple I believe.
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Karuppiah N

11/01/2021, 4:29 AM
Just curious, is this requirement for a dev setup or a production setup? I'm asking as we can accordingly build a solution with that in mind and also ask more questions around the theme (dev setup vs production setup)
Also, surely
git clone
is a bit heavy, agreed. Even downloading a small zip file of the code base would do, or a separate repo for the deployment from where all deployment artifacts can be downloaded as a tar ball / zip file instead of
git clone
git clone
brings with it complete history which is unnecessary as the end user just needs the final artifact for deployment
The pro of doing a git clone is that it might encourage the user to checkout the code and contribute to it and also see that it's all open source
I was planning to create an issue to talk about this workflow, maybe I'll do it sometime, but it's interesting to see that others too think that the workflow could be simpler without
git clone

Jimmy Marcus Munk

11/02/2021, 7:24 PM
all-in-one could be used in both dev and prod, but mostly it would be an easy way to quickly try out SigNoz with recommended settings before customizing for a more lasting setup.
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