I'm having a few problems with the otel collector,...
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I'm having a few problems with the otel collector, not sure if I should ask here or somewhere else since its not exactly what you guys do, however I keep having this problem where there the otel collector will balloon in ram usage and will eat most of the ram and almost all of my swap. I just check the my server and it using 6.5 gb of swap alone. I killed it with htop and swap usage dropped back down to 190 mb. However this is at best temporary, has anyone else ran into this problem?
all have to show is this for now, I'll post a more relevant screenshot when it gets worse again
@User We have seen some users reporting this issue. How long have you been running this otel collector for?
@User may also have more insights on this
@User I run it constantly, about 15-20 at least basically
@User will try that
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I've been more meticulously logging my ram usage and this is still happening, the otel collector and the metrics collector are ballooning in size over the span of hours, you guys got any idea why?
thanks for the detailed report @User We will need to investigate this further. Can you also create an issue for this so that this doesn't get lost in slack threads? Would be very helpful
@User how many spans/hr or spans/day are you ingesting? You can see this at
Usage Explorer
menu item
Also, are you using metrics too?
@User we peak at about 170k/h on an average day and yes we also use metrics
@User will do
I'm thinking of putting a limit on swap so it doesn't go out of control
oh man you guys are going to make fun of me for this one, turns out the machine Im using didn't have swap memory limits enabled for cgroups.
I'm crossing my fingers this sorts its out if not Im going to have to open an issue on github
Irrespective - please open an issue 😉 Will be good reference for users in future
sure will do