Is there a way to see what "metrics" you have avai...
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Is there a way to see what "metrics" you have available? cause quite hard to build those dashboard without knowing all metrics available. For example I tried to find what metrics you get from the
hey @User Yeah its not the best of experience as of now and we are working on it.
Some metrics for kubernetes if you followed the tutorial can be found here -
You can connect to SigNoz'a clickhouse instance and find the metrics SigNoz is storing. You can follow something like below 1. Install Clickhouse client 2. Connect to clickhouse instance in SigNoz
./clickhouse client --host <SigNoz IP>  --port 9001
select * from signoz_metrics.time_series
_signoz_metrics.time_series is a table_ 3. Find distinct labels available ( this may not be very accessible so we recommend step 4)
select DISTINCT(labels) from signoz_metrics.time_series
4. If needed, dump in a csv file and parse it locally
select DISTINCT(labels) from signoz_metrics.time_series INTO OUTFILE 'output.csv'
- for dumping into a csv to parse via searching
@User do add if you have any more ideas here
For point 2 to work, you need to expose and map ports in docker-compose somewhere here
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 - "9001:9000"
Thanks guys gonna give it a try 🙂
worked fine just did:
kubectl port-forward svc/signoz-clickhouse 8123:8123
and used datagrip thanks 🙂
this query is even better if you want just the labels 🙂
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select DISTINCT(JSONExtractString(labels,'__name__')) from signoz_metrics.time_series
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