bash-3.2$ docker run -it --rm signoz/troubleshoot ...
# support
bash-3.2$ docker run -it --rm signoz/troubleshoot checkEndpoint --endpoint=localhost:4317 2022-03-03T144806.681Z INFO troubleshoot/main.go:28 STARTING! 2022-03-03T144806.687Z INFO checkEndpoint/checkEndpoint.go:41 checking reachability of SigNoz endpoint Error: not able to send data to SigNoz endpoint ... rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = "transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: connection refused"
Can you please check logs of
? You can check logs using
sudo docker logs -f [CONTAINER ID]
Use Container ID of otel-collector container. To check that run
sudo docker ps -a
bash-3.2$ ./troubleshoot checkEndpoint --endpoint=localhost:4317 2022-03-04T065040.306+0530 INFO workspace/main.go:28 STARTING! 2022-03-04T065040.307+0530 INFO checkEndpoint/checkEndpoint.go:41 checking reachability of SigNoz endpoint 2022-03-04T065040.338+0530 INFO workspace/main.go:46 Successfully sent sample data to signoz ...
Port connected successfully .. otel-collector log shows this error 022-03-04T012748.654Z info builder/receivers_builder.go:75 Receiver started. {"kind": "receiver", "name": "jaeger"} 2022-03-04T012748.654Z info healthcheck/handler.go:128 Health Check state change {"kind": "extension", "name": "health_check", "status": "ready"} 2022-03-04T012748.655Z info service/application.go:201 Everything is ready. Begin running and processing data. 2022-03-04T012923.792Z error clickhouseexporter/writer.go:96 Could not write a batch of spans {"kind": "exporter", "name": "clickhouse", "error": "code: 407, message: Convert overflow: while executing 'FUNCTION toUnixTimestamp(timestamp : 0) -> toUnixTimestamp(timestamp) UInt32 : 8'"}*SpanWriter).backgroundWriter /home/ec2-user/opentelemetry-collector-contrib/exporter/clickhouseexporter/writer.go:96
This worked when I started fastapi with this command OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT="localhost:4317" opentelemetry-instrument uvicorn main:app --host localhost --port 5002. In Signoz documentation the port is mentioned as http://localhost:4317 . But looks like this services is running on tcp port .. doesn't work with http URL.
@User Thanks for sharing this. @User can you confirm that http shouldn't be used in the URLs?
@User don’t use
in the URLs