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Hi #support facing issue with capturing http request header in the traces tags search, i have set an environment variable to capture nonce but i cannot see nonce in the signoz trace tags OTEL_INSTRUMENTATION_HTTP_CAPTURE_HEADERS_SERVER_REQUEST=nonce OTEL_INSTRUMENTATION_HTTP_CAPTURE_HEADERS_CLIENT_REQUEST=nonce I am looking to filter the traces based on a specific header value i.e. nonce id second question is: is there a way to enable method level tracing using opentelemetry & signoz ? kindly help with this. #support please help out with this, appreciate any help with this
@User adding headers and filtering traces with that tag should be possible in signoz. Which language and framework are you using? We shall try to test it out
is there a way to enable method level tracing using opentelemetry & signoz ?
I don't think so. @User what do you say?
Not that I am aware of. Javaagent auto instrumentation covers lot of stuff for users and if that's not enough one has to start manually instrumenting their methods/code.
is it a limitation of the opentelemetry agent for not supporting method level instrumentation ?
as there are tools like pinpoint which supports method level instrumentation
@User I found this https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-java-instrumentation/issues/2211 So, you can specify which methods to trace. I also found another issue where you need to add annotations https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-java-instrumentation/issues/2574#issuecomment-800067150
@User Thank you for the response, Let me go through this and get back, i've been looking for method level tracing with opentelemetry, this is really helpful when we want to just run this as a APM tool, where we run our performance test suit and find the bottlenecks in the system at method level, performance testing teams specially are looking for this feature, wherein you can enable it in a certain environment and then disable it in prod
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