Hi team i am using tempo with otel collector with ...
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Hi team i am using tempo with otel collector with grpc ingestion and i am getting my tempo data in otlp format and it's encrypted, how can i decrypt the data to normal otel format?
@Yash Vardhan Can you share in more detail what you are trying to do ? Are you trying to decrypt this and send to SigNoz?
I want my data in otel format which contains trace id normal but from tempo i am getting it in otlp format which is encrypted
No i don't want to send it sigoz i am just exploring the flow that how signoz decrypt @Pranay
From what I can understand you are exporting data from opentelemetry to tempo and the data is not human readable. If yes, try using the logging exporter of opentelemtry to debug if it’s the issue on opentelemetry side.
It's not issue @nitya-signoz i am getting databin otlp format which is encoded and now i want it in same format like zipkin(otel format)
Same json format
I am sorry to say that I don’t understand the problem you are facing and what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you can add some more context. Eg:- what does encoded data mean in your context, where is it getting encoded etc.
You need to deserialise the binary encoded protobuf and serialise to json encoded data.