For this file <here>, what files are needed to run...
# support
For this file here, what files are needed to run the query-service within docker? Do I need
at all or can i omit the files altogether? From my understanding the query-service acts as the prometheus server and stores the alerts in the SQLite DB on the filesystem? Also I noticed
seems to be unused, is this needed anywhere? Also does SigNoz support environment vars in this file as I want to be able to replace the clickhouse domain, user, password without exposing that in the file I mount into the container (
Hi @Alexei Zenin alerts related yaml files are no longer required from v.8.x i don't think the prometheus yaml would not support env vars what is your use case
Doesn’t seem it supports env vars: My use case is not to hardcode secrets and DNS names into config files I have setup in Github and instead have that injected at runtime via Cloudformation.