Hi <@U03BTNACHNX>, I am trying to build and query ...
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Hi @nitya-signoz, I am trying to build and query a service locally using a given Makefile. The build was successful, but when I run the service in Docker, I am getting a ClickHouse authentication issue. However, if I pull the service image from Docker with the same user and password, I do not encounter any issues. What should I do? Service error: {"level":"\u001b[31mFATAL\u001b[0m","timestamp":"2024-06-21T084155.518Z","caller":"clickhouseReader/reader.go:151","msg":"failed to initialize ClickHouse","error":"error connecting to primary db: code: 516, message: dbuser: Authentication failed: password is incorrect, or there is no user with such name.","stacktrace":"go.signoz.io/signoz/pkg/query-service/app/clickhouseReader.NewReader\n\t/storage/signoz/pkg/query-service/app/clickhouseReader/reader.go:151\ngo.signoz.io/signoz/pkg/query-service/app.NewServer\n\t/storage/signoz/pkg/query-service/app/server.go116\nmain.main\n\t/storage/signoz/pkg/query service/main.go102\nruntime.main\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:271"}
check logs of clickhouse as well if there is some more info, ideally it should use the default user