Hi team , unable to find related logs in log explo...
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Hi team , unable to find related logs in log explorer for trace id found in traces , please help
Hi @SHASHI KUMAR i see there is a specific time range selected for the same. do you have logs in this time range with the given trace id ? can you please check that ?
I changed the time to last week , still getting no related logs
@nitya-signoz ^^ can you please take a look
Are your trace_id’s parsed ? if you are not using otel sdk the trace details are not parsed automatically. You might need to create a pipeline https://signoz.io/docs/logs-pipelines/guides/trace/ If you can share the details of an example logs for that service it will help.
sure , i have not checked above yet , example log
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  "timestamp": "2024-06-12 04:42:52.554 UTC",
  "message": "{\n \"Type\": \"Request\",\n \"Request URI\": \"/tessell-ops/seed-data\",\n \"Headers\": \"[user-id:\\\"shashi\\\", user-agent:\\\"PostmanRuntime/7.37.3\\\", accept:\\\"****/****\\\", cache-control:\\\"no-cache\\\", postman-token:\\\"3c1bfaf7-c20b-46f5-a7cf-d63982081599\\\", host:\\\"tessell-tenant:8080\\\", accept-encoding:\\\"gzip, deflate, br\\\", connection:\\\"keep-alive\\\", content-length:\\\"33309\\\", Content-Type:\\\"application/json;charset=UTF-8\\\", authorization:\\\"****\\\", authentication:\\\"****\\\"]\",\n \"Client Info\": {\"client\": \"\"},\n \"Request Type\": \"GET\",\n \"Local-Request-Id\": \"30d1b8e0-ba82-45fa-bb70-f13180b05c23\"\n}",
  "thread": "http-nio-8088-exec-3",
  "logLevel": "INFO",
  "contextId": "942f8106-9c67-4b0e-b1c1-2d68b8aa1ef7",
  "fileName": "RequestLoggingFilter.java",
  "line": 242,
  "serviceCode": "TENANT"
your application is not emitting trace data in your logs yet.
got it