Hi, is there any guidance for instrumenting recent...
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Hi, is there any guidance for instrumenting recent versions of Angular with Signoz? The documentation only references usage with app.module.ts which doesn't work with standalone versions of Angular (which is now the recommended way to do things)
Hey, Luke! You can follow the instructions mentioned in this section of the doc - here These will mostly work for the self-hosted SigNoz as well. NOTE: Since you’re using self-hosted SigNoz, you don’t need to install a separate OTel collector binary so you can skio that step. You can also check out this sample app - https://github.com/SigNoz/angular-otel-native Two things to keep in mind: • Enable CORS • Put the correct collector URL. For example, if SigNoz is running in Local, url will be ->
I’ll work on updating the current instructions for Self-Hosted SigNoz for instrumneting Angular application. cc: @Vikrant Gupta