Hi all, I’m running a self hosted docker deploymen...
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Hi all, I’m running a self hosted docker deployment of signoz, I’ve tried running the sample-fastapi-api from the signoz github and that seems to be working fine. However, when i try to export metrics to the same, the data isn’t appearing in the dashboard or the clickhouse db
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# Set OTLP endpoint
OTLP_ENDPOINT = "<http://localhost:4317>"  # Update this if your collector is on a different host

# Configure the exporter
exporter = OTLPMetricExporter(endpoint=OTLP_ENDPOINT, insecure=True)

# Define the resource with the service name
resource = Resource(attributes={SERVICE_NAME: "example-service"})

# Configure the MeterProvider with the exporter
reader = PeriodicExportingMetricReader(exporter)
provider = MeterProvider(resource=resource, metric_readers=[reader])
this is how I’ve defined the exporter. I don’t see any logs regarding this in the otel-collector container either.
Is your clickhouse container running perfectly?