When I attempt to change retention period for metr...
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When I attempt to change retention period for metrics I get following error:
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2024.05.31 08:47:24.506741 [ 666 ] {6345e71c-4a66-492f-88ab-e0242a325b9c} <Error> DDLWorker: Query /* ddl_entry=query-0000000184 */ ALTER TABLE signoz_metrics.time_series_v4_1day MODIFY TTL  toDateTime(toUInt32(timestamp_ms / 1000), 'UTC') + toIntervalSecond(5184000), toDateTime(toUInt32(timestamp_ms / 1000), 'UTC') + toIntervalSecond(1209600) TO VOLUME 's3' wasn't finished successfully: Code: 47. DB::Exception: Missing columns: 'timestamp_ms' while processing query: 'toDateTime(toUInt32(timestamp_ms / 1000), 'UTC') + toIntervalSecond(5184000)', required columns: 'timestamp_ms' 'timestamp_ms'. (UNKNOWN_IDENTIFIER), Stack trace (when copying this message, always include the lines below):
Also I must note that I was able to change retention for Logs and Traces successfully.
This is a bug. Please create issue here https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz
met same issue. seems related with trace table v4 which renamed the timestamp_ms column to something else