Hello All - I'm having challenges with regard to l...
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Hello All - I'm having challenges with regard to linking Parent Trace IDs and having them propagate. This is Java in Spring via javaagent.jar. I'm not able to use the HTTP or Text propagators as I'm trying to just pass the Trace ID and Span ID via Hazelcast within an object we serialize. To do this I am using the SpanContext.createFromRemoteParent. I can see that the parent trace id is set in debut but I do not see successive log entries carrying this parent trace id forward. The end result is to see the same Trace ID propagated through our systems within Signoz. I even tried serializing the OTel java ContextAgentWrapper but it is a shaded class which we don't have access to. Summary is what is the best way to tie Trace IDs for context propagation between systems where the interop is customized over some type of TCP protocol?