Hi guys, I'm using <Vector.dev> to forward logs fr...
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Hi guys, I'm using Vector.dev to forward logs from my app (hosted on Fly.io) to self-hosted Signoz in some VPS. My
is very simple:
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type = "http"
uri = "${PROD_URL:-<http://localhost:8082>}"
inputs = ["hotel"]
encoding.codec = "json"
I followed https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/send-logs-http/ to the dot, except I'm sending the JSON one by one because I don't know how to send "batch" (issue here: https://github.com/vectordotdev/vector/discussions/20425). My problem: Signoz's HTTP endpoint returns 400 if the log comes faster than once a second (I'm exaggerating a bit), which renders it useless. Where can I configure Signoz to allow higher throughput? Error log in Vector (to show you the 400 error):
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2024-05-04T14:20:29.727353Z ERROR sink{component_kind="sink" component_id=signoz component_type=http}:request{request_id=1}: vector::sinks::util::retries: Not retriable; dropping the request. reason="Http status: 400 Bad Request" internal_log_rate_limit=true
I know my Vector setup works because it works when I change the sink to e.g., Longtail. Also, if I send request one by one using Postman, Signoz works.
I do not think the error has anything to with the number of logs you send. The http log receiver sends 400 when it is unable to parse the request body. Please look at the full error other than the status code.