Hello Team, I am trying to change the retention pe...
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Hello Team, I am trying to change the retention period of Traces but the process has been stuck for the past 5-6 days now. It just says
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Your last call to change retention period to 7 days is pending. This may take some time.
Can you please help with this?
How much data do you have?
This is how it has been stuck.
@Srikanth Chekuri Can you please help with this? We are not able to reduce the data saved on our system and that is resulting in issues for our sever.
How many traces do you ingest in a day?
I have same issue, my self hosted signoz ingest in a day round 2GB, I have reached 34 GB and stack so I delate past data, and I change retention period for move to s3, maybe have a tips on this condition?
Changing retention after you have ingested data is very resource intensive in Clickhouse. If process is stuck then you clear TTL table to try again. You can connect to SQLite DB and clear TTL status table to allow updating retention setting. If you are using docker follow below steps: Connect to query-service
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docker exec -it query-service sh
Run the following:
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# install sqlite
apk update
apk add sqlite

# open sqlite with signoz.db
sqlite3 /var/lib/signoz/signoz.db

# (sqlite shell) check existing ttl status
select * from ttl_status;

# delete all rows of ttl_status
DELETE FROM ttl_status;
Now you can retry again.
This was helpful. Thanks a ton @Vishal Sharma