i've added the below (from this <doc>) to my otel-...
# support
i've added the below (from this doc) to my otel-collector-config.yaml on a remote host pushing logs (otherwise successfully) to signoz, but i'm not seeing any
attributes in the log filters or in a log entry. is there something else i have to do in order to have
attributes exposed in signoz?
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    detectors: ["system"]
      hostname_sources: ["os"]
on the receiving end, the receiving otel-collector config, do i have to also define a corresponding
in the receiving otel-collector config, i do have the below. do they need to match on both ends?
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    detectors: [env, system] # include ec2 for AWS, gcp for GCP and azure for Azure.
    timeout: 2s
like the processor name, the order of detectors?
and it has to be added under pipelines>logs>processors i guess?
yeah i still dont' see any resource attributes coming in with the log data.... what am i missing?
yeah it needs to be aded in the pipelines, did you restart the collector after that ?
yes. i restarted on both ends. signoz system (full docker compose up and down, with updated config), as well as the remote system
ok now i see some attributes. i'd waited a while, but there were none. i guess it took a long time for them to process or something?
it shouldn’t take time until and uless you have changed the config in your batch processor to collect larger batches or something is wrong with the collector which you can know by checking the logs of the collector to see if something is unusual