hello, everyone, I have two problems with my signo...
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hello, everyone, I have two problems with my signoz: 1- in the log section I see logs from 18 March, in the event that launched the signoz two months ago. (17% used from server storage). I want keep logs for 6 months and watch them in logs section! 2- when I want to change the retention, I see the pending state for many days, even when I restart my docker compose but it is in a pending state!
CC :- @Vishal Sharma
You can connect to SQLite DB and clear TTL status table to allow updating retention setting. If you are using docker follow below steps: Connect to query-service
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docker exec -it query-service sh
Run the following:
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# install sqlite
apk update
apk add sqlite

# open sqlite with signoz.db
sqlite3 /var/lib/signoz/signoz.db

# (sqlite shell) check existing ttl status
select * from ttl_status;

# delete all rows of ttl_status
DELETE FROM ttl_status;
thank you dear vishal, its fixed by your solution
Retention setting is finicky with Clickhouse when there’s large data. So we recommend to not change TTL frequenty