Hey folks, I need help with a strange observation...
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Hey folks, I need help with a strange observation. Here is the context: I built a Golang application using Gin, deployed it to e2 8core 16gigs Compute instance on GCP. I built a simple endpoint that makes 2 database query calls and returns the response. Its a Get Todos API endpoint. Im attaching the trace breakdown of the request along with the Postman API call. TAT on Signoz: 18.29ms TAT on Postman: 515ms Compute instance location: us-central1 Iowa My location: Bangalore, India I tried making the curl request through gcloud CLI which was also provisioned in Iowa the latency was 400ms, which is still higher. Anybody has any idea how to reduce the latency here? Thanks in advance
curl request breakdown(from my machine)
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time_connect:  0.210479s
     time_appconnect:  0.000000s
    time_pretransfer:  0.210531s
       time_redirect:  0.000000s
  time_starttransfer:  0.423873s
curl request breakdown(from the server itself using localhost) time_namelookup: 0.000657s time_connect: 0.000786s time_appconnect: 0.000000s time_pretransfer: 0.000822s time_redirect: 0.000000s time_starttransfer: 0.005098s this matches with what OTEL is measuring
@Vishal Sharma can you check?
Hey @Harish Are you using nginx or other service inbetween which might be causing high latency? You can instrument nginx as well to check. (Also I am not sure how we can help you to reduce latency of your application. SigNoz helps you to identify latency of request inside your application which looks it’s doing fine.)
Hey Vishal, yes I'm using nginx. But for the single request test, I directly hit the application port. I think it's purely network latency. Yeah I'm aware, the issue is specifically not related to signoz 😅