Hi, I want to scrape custom application metrics f...
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Hi, I want to scrape custom application metrics from their service endpoints with signoz. I am using service monitors CRD to do this with Prometheus currently. I don't want my Otel agent to scrape this Prometheus for the metrics. I want it to directly scrape the app endpoints attached to the service. Can I configure my Otel agent to collect these data? these are my requirements. 1. the scrape should not happen on the service endpoint instead it should hit the pod IP directly and the metrics collected should have the pod name label (similar to the service monitors implementation in Prometheus) 2. The scrape endpoints may change depending on the service. I want to have a service discovery mechanism for scrape config. Any tips or insights would be much appreciated!
Hi, Iam new here. Can somebody help me with this?
By default, you should be able to scrape metrics using
pod annotation.
That should auto scrape metrics from the port mentioned with
pod annotation, and include the pod metadata.
Its working, This is great, Thanks a lot @Prashant Shahi