Hello, I'm working on shipping OTEL data from my a...
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Hello, I'm working on shipping OTEL data from my apps to SigNoz. I'm trying to use the OTEL NodeJS SDK to do so using these instructions: https://signoz.io/docs/instrumentation/nestjs/#send-traces-directly-to-signoz-cloud When I do that vs. using the sidecar auto instrumentation from these instructions it seems like I get far less data in the Services area of SigNoz (no data in the DB Call Metrics, and sparse data in the External Metrics areas of the Service). Is there an equivalent set of instrumentations I can use to make sure the DB Call Metrics and External Metrics get shipped when using the SDK? I have tried:
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const sdk = new opentelemetry.NodeSDK({
  instrumentations: [
    '@opentelemetry/instrumentation-nestjs-core': {},
    '@opentelemetry/instrumentation-express': {},
    '@opentelemetry/instrumentation-mongodb': {},
    '@opentelemetry/instrumentation-http': {}
  resource: new Resource({
@Srikanth Chekuri can you help here
This includes all the instrumentation
and same thing side car auto instrumentation uses.
I must be missing something then.
Yeah, I just checked again making sure I had everything set up correctly in the code and I still don't' see database metrics when I use the SDK with the instrumentations shown above.
Those graphs populate when I use the auto instrumentation from the OTEL sidecar