Hi all :wave: We'd like to have a Slack bot that ...
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Hi all 👋 We'd like to have a Slack bot that posts each Exception in a Slack channel. Right now we have set up an alert but are only able to report the count of exceptions via Slack not the unique exceptions. Hopefully only due to lack of knowledge or querying-skills. Is this a use case that can solved with SigNoz currently? We're using SigNoz Cloud.
While it would be ideal to have simple event-based alerts, the kind of alerts SigNoz supports is threshold-based. However, you can still work around this by adding group by event item, although less ideal. Something like this
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	count() as value,
	toStartOfInterval(timestamp, toIntervalMinute(1)) AS interval,
FROM signoz_traces.distributed_signoz_error_index_v2
WHERE exceptionType !='OSError'
AND timestamp BETWEEN {{.start_datetime}} AND {{.end_datetime}}
GROUP BY serviceName, exceptionStacktrace, interval;
would show up in the alert labels when alert gets triggered.