am i missing something re setting up `filelogrecei...
# support
am i missing something re setting up
for use w/ signoz? the architecture diagrams and other docs don't seem to really spell out how to use that receiver and ship logs up into signoz. maybe i missed a bit of documentation? but i'm also not finding much re this receiver elsewhere, otlp docs, splunk docs, etc.
ooook. so filelog receiver is already a part of the otel collector?
ok, that looks like it might help me a ton. thanks @Pranay Narang
i actually looked at that initially but it and the diagrams i'd seen made it appear that the collector and receiver were separate components.
yyeahh @brandon been using the filelog receiver from my node apps for quite sometime, its bundled with the main collector (even if you use the otel-contrib collector) so works flawlessly across the board
do we know if the
block supports globstar paths for ingesting logs? same for the
block when specifying the specific logs to ingest for filelog
basically i have a parent folder with multiple subfolders containing logs. can i just do
@brandon yeah wildcards work in the receiver
In our case we export all logs to a shared volume called /logs as different file names
thanks. do you know how it can handle wildcard folders and files? ideally a globstar
format to grab all the app parent and then different subfolders, where the logs will be
actually yeah, globstar seems to have worked.