hello guys i recently add s3 storage configuration...
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hello guys i recently add s3 storage configuration to the docker compose and now i want to comment it out and not use s3 any more but get the following error
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signoz-clickhouse  | 2024.02.19 10:20:15.567491 [ 1 ] {} <Error> Application: Code: 695. DB::Exception: Load job 'load table signoz_logs.logs' failed: Code: 478. DB::Exception: Unknown storage policy `tiered`: Cannot attach table `signoz_logs`.`logs` from metadata file /var/lib/clickhouse/store/9f9/9f97b7ae-b1f4-4d7f-8888-c600754eee91/logs.sql from query ATTACH TABLE signoz_logs.logs UUID 'aaabf8ad-9b8f-45ea-9845-a802252e13af' (`timestamp` UInt64 CODEC(DoubleDelta, LZ4), `observed_timestamp` UInt64 CODEC(DoubleDelta, LZ4), `id` String CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `trace_id` String CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `span_id` String CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `trace_flags` UInt32, `severity_text` LowCardinality(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `severity_number` UInt8, `body` String CODEC(ZSTD(2)), `resources_string_key` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `resources_string_value` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_string_key` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_string_value` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_int64_key` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_int64_value` Array(Int64) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_float64_key` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_float64_value` Array(Float64) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_bool_key` Array(String) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attributes_bool_value` Array(Bool) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attribute_string_dst_port` String DEFAULT attributes_string_value[indexOf(attributes_string_key, 'dst_port')] CODEC(ZSTD(1)), `attribute_string_dst_port_exists` Bool DEFAULT if(indexOf(attributes_string_key, 'dst_port') != 0, true, false) CODEC(ZSTD(1)), INDEX body_idx body TYPE tokenbf_v1(10240, 3, 0) GRANULARITY 4, INDEX id_minmax id TYPE minmax GRANULARITY 1, INDEX severity_number_idx severity_number TYPE set(25) GRANULARITY 4, INDEX severity_text_idx severity_text TYPE set(25) GRANULARITY 4, INDEX trace_flags_idx trace_flags TYPE bloom_filter GRANULARITY 4, INDEX attribute_string_dst_port_idx attribute_string_dst_port TYPE bloom_filter(0.01) GRANULARITY 64) ENGINE = MergeTree PARTITION BY toDate(timestamp / 1000000000) ORDER BY (timestamp, id) TTL toDateTime(timestamp / 1000000000) + toIntervalSecond(1641600), toDateTime(timestamp / 1000000000) + toIntervalSecond(345600) TO VOLUME 's3' SETTINGS index_granularity = 8192, ttl_only_drop_parts = 1, storage_policy = 'tiered'.
dose anyone have any idea?
I am not aware of any automated way to do this. I would add it back and update the TTL to remove the
and then remove the s3 policy from settings