Hello. Thanks for hosting this community. We’re se...
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Hello. Thanks for hosting this community. We’re setting up Signoz now, and have experienced an issue of not being able to set the
Attribute to anything other than
. That value is being automatically populated from somewhere. When clicking on that service, there is a 404 error. This is a laravel 9.0 app 🙂 on an ECS/Fargate
Debian GNU/Linux 12
using the PHP SDK for OT. I’d like to create Services for each of our 3 applications (laravel and a homebrewed one) to properly segment Traces and Syslog forwards. Yes, i’m a version behind. v0.35.1.
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"open-telemetry/exporter-otlp": "^1.0",
        "open-telemetry/sdk": "^1.0",
This is my working PHP wrapper thus far, where I’m trying to explicitly set
even, without any success.
Can you try setting it using
environment variable instead?
Sure, I will give that a shot. Thank you!
That worked! Thank you 🙂