Hi SigNoz Folks -- I'm testing out the product. We...
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Hi SigNoz Folks -- I'm testing out the product. We use cloudrun for all our services. They're all generally go apps (using gin when we need an exposed webserver). I'd love some insight into • How to get APM going (if possible) • How to get logs forwarded from coudrun • Are db metrics possible (cloudrun service connected to cloud-sql db instances)? I've got the otel collector set up following the guide and I can see stuff coming in for my test. I am going to continue exploring adding metrics and but it's not clear to me how to answer the stuff questions above.
on the db side, I'm beginning to test this out github.com/exaring/otelpgx
tried getting this up and running also https://github.com/uptrace/opentelemetry-go-extra/tree/otelzap/v0.2.3/otelzap with no luck
Hi Dhruv 🙂 For setting up APM for golang - https://signoz.io/docs/instrumentation/golang/ should help For monitoring postgres - https://signoz.io/blog/opentelemetry-postgresql-metrics-monitoring/#how-does-opentelemetry-collector-collect-data should help You can look at https://github.com/SigNoz/zap_otlp/blob/main/example/main.go for zap integration for sending logs to signoz Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes.
I'll take a look. I got traces but no logs or db
@Raj Kamal --- regarding the db metrics --- is there a way to get metrics w/o running an agent on the machine or a separate machine to connect to it? I'm running a managed db instance --- so I can't control what agents are on the host which runs the database. I also run my application through cloud-run. In this setup, I'd have to set up a compute instance in my network and have that connect to my db. I'd rather avoid that... Is there a way I can forward the db logs somehow out of cloud-sql?
db access is through pgx (generated code through sqlc). I'd like to do something like this, but he pgx flavor