Hi team! Quite new to signoz and just upgrade to 0...
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Hi team! Quite new to signoz and just upgrade to 0.36 in my self hosted kubernetes cluster, but getting errors connecting clickhouse db when trying to run the migration script.
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$ kubectl run -n signoz -i -t signoz-migrate --image=signoz/migrate:0.36 --restart='Never'  -- -host=signoz-clickhouse -port=9000 -userName=admin -password=27ff0399-0d3a-4bd8-919d-17c2181e6fb9
If you don't see a command prompt, try pressing enter.
warning: couldn't attach to pod/signoz-migrate, falling back to streaming logs: unable to upgrade connection: container signoz-migrate not found in pod signoz-migrate_signoz
2024-01-04T06:33:40.645Z	DEBUG	migrate/main.go:224	Params: signoz-clickhouse 9000 admin
2024-01-04T06:33:41.646Z	FATAL	migrate/main.go:228	Error while connecting to clickhouse{error 26 0  dial tcp: lookup signoz-clickhouse: i/o timeout}
pod signoz/signoz-migrate terminated (Error)
I also tried using the pod ip instead of the service name, still getting
dial tcp: i/o timeout
error. However the port is accessible when I try telnet within the container. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!
@Prashant Shahi
Can you check if the ClickHouse cluster is ready and available? You will want to check for chi pods and clickhouse service