I'm streaming logs from Heroku into Signoz Cloud (...
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I'm streaming logs from Heroku into Signoz Cloud (ref), and extracting metrics from it. I have 3 separate heroku apps, but just one SigNoz tenant, so all three log drains are pointed at the same place. The problem is, there's nothing in the log data that lets me distinguish the apps from each other. Eg, each app has a
dyno, and there's no way for me to dashboard just one app's web dyno metrics. Is there maybe a way we could add a way to distinguish them in the log ingress URL? Maybe a query param on the end, something like
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Here's whats in the log:
If if you certain patterns that you can detect from each source, you can create attributes, check out pipelines for this https://signoz.io/docs/logs-pipelines/introduction/
Though will check if there a way we can add something else by default
Yeah, that's what I mean. I have different heroku apps with different names, all using the same log drain, and there's nothing in the logs themselves that indicate the name of which app they came from. I'm using those log pipelines to extract the metrics already (eg,
, but that could be from any of the apps, since they all have a