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10/27/2023, 10:04 PM
Hi Support Team, I configured all the variables using query format and made other variables depend on one another. use case:-
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SELECT DISTINCT JSONExtractString(labels, 'account_id')
FROM signoz_metrics.time_series_v2
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SELECT DISTINCT(JSONExtractString(labels, 'region'))
FROM signoz_metrics.time_series_v2
WHERE (JSONExtractString(labels, 'account_id') IN {{.account_id}})
and then stack, app,..etc The Problem was, Signoz UI is taking lot of time to respond when i want to change the variable i.e variable drop down shows no data even though the variable was configured properly (when i try to Test Run Query i can see the required variable options). I tried refreshing the page but i can see only the variables that are saved during Save Layout, but if i want to change the variable the drop down shows No Data. Can anyone help on this issue.????
Anyways I figured it out, Thanks..! forgot to provide the metric prefix
AND metric_name LIKE 'aws_%'
This will reduce the load load an the database.