After upgrading to latest signoz release start get...
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After upgrading to latest signoz release start getting below error
2023-10-27T11:14:08.359Z	INFO	version/version.go:43
SigNoz version : v0.32.1 Commit SHA-1 : 720a735 Commit timestamp : 2023-10-25T171338Z Branch : HEAD Go version : go1.21.3 For SigNoz Official Documentation, visit For SigNoz Community Slack, visit For discussions about SigNoz, visit Check SigNoz Github repo for license details. Copyright 2022 SigNoz 2023-10-27T111408.359Z WARN query-service/main.go:140 No JWT secret key is specified. 2023-10-27T111408.359Z FATAL query-service/main.go:147 Failed to create server{error 26 0 Error in creating tables: unable to open database file: no such file or directory} main.main /home/runner/work/signoz/signoz/ee/query-service/main.go:147 runtime.main /opt/hostedtoolcache/go/1.21.3/x64/src/runtime/proc.go:267
Issue resolved. It was image issue