Hello Team 1. I have multiple AWS EKS cluster, sen...
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Hello Team 1. I have multiple AWS EKS cluster, sending logs,metrics and traces to signoz cluster using below command helm install my-release signoz/k8s-infra --set otelCollectorEndpoint=<IP>:4317 2) created a dashboard using below json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SigNoz/dashboards/main/k8s-infra-metrics/kubernetes-metrics.json The cluster name are not populated, but namespace are populated
The cluster name will not be available because it doesn’t exist from k8s API response. You should set the clusterName in values.yaml https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/blob/c6897fe95a54df8b80fd163b9d8b5e62d0898514/charts/k8s-infra/values.yaml#L29
Thank you
It is recommended to use
Global configuration would be set for all otel-collectors from both signoz and k8s-infra charts.