My app_backend is running inside docker container ...
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My app_backend is running inside docker container on shared network (clickhouse_setup_default) and i could ping
from inside my app_backend container but the service is not being created and no tracing data is exported. I have tried almost everything and not sure what could be the issue tried both gprc and http port for export url and also with out
exportUrls tried
is ip of the signoz-otel-collector container.
I have checked with Console Exporter the telemetry data is being generated
I have the same issue. Check the log of the Signoz-otel-collector container. You might see the error. In my case, the error is
"error": "clickhouse: dateTime overflow. timestamp must be between 1925-01-01 00:00:00 and 2283-11-11 00:00:00"}
Just to clear for future viewer in my case the issue was this Signoz containers run on network
which comes from docker-compose spec that your network is created with project name (i.e directory name) suffixed with -default. And my app containers were running on network
so i had to run all of these on same network. I created an external network and added them to all services of docker-compose.yml in Signoz as well as my app's docker compose services. In such case they no more create and join default network and containers are able to communicate with each other over docker network. This resolved issue for me.