Hello, I have a problem with the helm installatio...
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Hello, I have a problem with the helm installation, query-service won't start. It just prints this log and then exit with code 2. Container image used is query-service:0.28.0. Do you have any tips? Thanks
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2023-09-06T09:39:47.396Z	INFO	version/version.go:43	

SigNoz version   : v0.28.0
Commit SHA-1     : b2a9437
Commit timestamp : 2023-09-01T10:42:25Z
Branch           : HEAD
Go version       : go1.21.0

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2023-09-06T09:39:47.396Z	WARN	query-service/main.go:130	No JWT secret key is specified.
Are there no other logs?
no, how can i increase verbosity of logs?
Some magic solved it, because after few hours containers stop restarting and finally runs fine. Thanks @Srikanth Chekuri
But... this happen again after an update of the release. Same situation, container exit with code 2 after displaying that log (without errors).
The logs are already verbose. What is the environment you see this happen? What does the pod describe show?
we are running signoz inside a k8s cluster version at v1.26.6 Describe just show that liveness and readiness are failing for a connection refused error.
Can you confirm is ClickHouse is running?
yes, is running, also the initContainer exit successfully
after removing liveness and readiness probes the container start and stay up printing more logs. It seems probes are too quick and doesn't let it starts correctly
good! thanks