Hi Team, I have deployed signoz on my EKS cluster ...
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Hi Team, I have deployed signoz on my EKS cluster - I have a managed nodegroup which have on-demand nodes and there is another group managed by karpenter which are on spot and they are tainted nodes. When i deploy signoz - it is deployed on to the on-demand nodes (cause the other nodes are tainted) but the otel-collector which is a deamon set is not collecting logs from the other ndoes which are tainted - so i have added the tolerations for all the otel daemon set and the deployment - but still the pod is not schedule on the tainted nodes - and my applications are running on those tainted nodes and since the otel-collector is not running on these nodes - the logs are not getting exported Need URGENT help here. Thanks
check your affinity and taints. i had same issue . otelAgent tolerations on singoz helm chart is what needs to be configured.
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  # NB: if adding node group and wanting it to be monitred add toleration here
    - key: "<http://nvidia.com/gpu|nvidia.com/gpu>"
      operator: "Exists"
      effect: "NoSchedule"
something like that