Hi all, I am receiving this error on setup of sign...
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Hi all, I am receiving this error on setup of signoz in AKS cluster. I have deployed signoz on a single node cluster in a dedicated namespace for signoz. I installed opentelemetry operator and collector in the dedicated namespace for otel Created ingress rules for accessing signoz frontend and signoz otel collector and mapped with those ingress rules with DNS. Deployed the instrument on the dedicated namespace for otel. Deployed the Java application spring-petclinic on the cluster. But I am receiving this error for TLS handshake, I have created a secret for my SSL certificate in the cluster as well. Can anyone help me in resolving this issue??
Which tool are you using to manage your certificates? Does it have necessary permissions? I'm not very much sure in aks, but I've seen in eks, during testing quite a few time it is unables to makes connection because of some cert issue, which may be due some internal networking or memory. So try giving a restart if possible provided you have necessary backups. Also look at your ingress rules.
I have the SSL certificate which has been issued on Azure, I configured the SSL certificate in secrets and provided it's configuration for ingress which is helping me to access the signoz frontend with a DNS using https