Hello Team Signoz, I'm a Phd student, we are a sma...
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Hello Team Signoz, I'm a Phd student, we are a small-sized team based out of London. In our journey of handling substantial datasets, we have looking around DD and Pixie for our observability needs. Recently, I had the opportunity to know about Signoz, a product that came highly recommended by a friend. While I know that its open-source and Otel-native, however I'm eager to understand Signoz's goals and unique value proposition in the long term, so that we can consider its adoption. I'm particularly interested in knowing any key distinguishing factors that make Signoz an advantageous addition to our research project. Moreover, I've noticed that there are hardly any discussions on your cloud and enterprise models in the community, possibly limiting community to know more about it. While I've reviewed the website's basic pricing details and supplementary services, I believe there's room for a more comprehensive presentation of these models. I kindly request a member of the team to kindly assist me in gaining deeper insights into Signoz's future trajectory as a product, its competitive advantages, and the nuances of its cloud and enterprise offerings. Your guidance in this matter would be really appreciated. Thank you.
The only reason why I burn time with Signoz is because DD is too expensive an DD acts like a virus. Signoz might be great at some day - but until that day you do a workaround for a workaround and then you noticed - after 3 months not updating - that "something" else is broken. I am using it as nice access to log files - collected by 4-5 k8s clusters on application only containers. Simple go/no go custom metrics didn't work (at last I got only garbage on the UI). I didn't even try to jump into alerts. It can't keep up with DDog. The DDog boards are awesome!
@Harald Fielker all sorts of metrics should work. I agree we do not have a good documentation to using metrics but most of it is similar to prometheus ecosystem. Can you give me an example of custom metrics you tried? I will try to help to write a query for plot the right chart
I did a PR for one of the JS examples quit a time ago
that doesn't work