Hello, is there any way to `Java Stack Trace` in s...
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Hello, is there any way to
Java Stack Trace
in signoz something as follow ? current our app generating Stack Trace in logs for WARN and ERROR but signoz catching only first line or so and not whole
Stack Trace
... When clicking on
View in Context
also not showing that... we are on
Are you using the java agent ?
Also the screenshot you’ve share is of incontext logs, we have a bug for it https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/3400 . But are you able to see the entire log line in detail view ?
@nitya-signoz yes.. i can see whole log line in detail view, but just one line not whole stack trace. Our app is written in Java but
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Are you using the java agent ?
I didn't get question... are u referring something related Tracing ?