Hey! I was wondering if anyone could help me under...
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Hey! I was wondering if anyone could help me understand the pricing structure. I'm currently using the community self-hosted version and would prefer to continue doing so. One limitation we're encountering is the number of trace/logs-based panels. When reviewing the linked pricing details, it appears to be tailored for the SigNoz cloud – I'm making this assumption based on the price per GB of logs, etc. Is there no way to remove the limits on the self-hosted version? We transitioned from Datadog to SigNoz specifically because we wanted to avoid usage-based pricing structures.
@Pranay Should be able to help here
Hey Sam, the community edition has limited number of dashboards supported for logs & traces. Though you can create unlimited number dashboards for logs & traces in our paid plans - Cloud or Enterprise If you are interested in SigNoz being hosted in our cloud plan, you can check our Enterprise plan. The pricing in Enterprise plans is also broadly usage based. If you have high scale we can discuss offering flat + overage based pricing, or seat based pricing. Just drop me a note on pranay@signoz.io and we can chat more