Hi, I configured signoz on k8s using the helm char...
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Hi, I configured signoz on k8s using the helm chart, now I want to instrument multiple tomcat application which are running outside of that cluster and they are running on a VM. I did install the java agent to collect open telemetry traces, stuck here what should be the signoz backend "OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT=http://<IP of SigNoz Backend>:4317" ? I tried exposing the service for otel-collector pod, port: 4317, but that is not working for me. Any suggestions here ?
Hey, Can you show the created service for your
signoz collector
? AFAIK, by default it is configured as
(see charts) In your case, you're trying to access the collector out of the same Kubernetes Cluster. I'd suggest configuring the collector service as either
, if you're sending huge data, I'd recommend configuring as
See https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/services-networking/service/#loadbalancer on how to configure your service.
@Shivanshu Raj Shrivastava Its of type nodePort
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# OtelCollector service
    # -- Annotations to use by service associated to OtelCollector
    annotations: {}
    # -- Service Type: LoadBalancer (allows external access) or NodePort (more secure, no extra cost)
    type: NodePort
is your kubernetes cluster reachable from the other cluster? may I know in which cloud you are running your cluster?
cluster is configured on a vm using k3s, and yes usually I expose services very similar even the frontend for signoz and its reachable.
So, you mean to say for collector even when it's exposed as a nodeport service and you are using external ip, still the collector is unreachable, correct? May I see you complete svc object that is being created in your k3s cluster?
I am using the official helm chart for that, after which a self hosted ingress
Is dns for the otel collector working? You can check by doing a curl from a pod where your tomcat app is running