Hi all! I am interested in using OpenTelemetry on ...
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Hi all! I am interested in using OpenTelemetry on a spacecraft to log system and application telemetry, and then exporting the collected data back to a ground-station and importing it into SigNoz. I know this is a pretty fringe usecase, but I'm looking for feedback. It looks like there is (maybe?) support for a collector to write metrics/logs to proto and json files, so it seems possible. 1. Am I crazy for even thinking about collecting data "offline" and then importing it into signoz? Is this just a bad idea? 2. Does anyone have any docs they can point me to for setting up a pipeline that stores data to a file and then loads that data later on? I'm completely new to otel, and starting off the beaten path is pretty daunting.
For logs • Yes you can store it to a file and then later push it to signoz. You can use this receiver to read logs from a file and push it to signoz https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib/tree/main/receiver/filelogreceiver