Hi, I was wondering if there's a cli tool for brow...
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Hi, I was wondering if there's a cli tool for browsing logs collected by signoz? Alternatively, is there a process for sending queries to the query service directly? As far as I can tell that requires a jwt, and it's not completely clear how to obtain that (except by fishing it out of the browser session, but that's obviously not very nice)
works but that's in enterprise plan
👍 Does that also mean that there's currently no cli tool?
not yet...what are the usecases? I want to keep notes and build when when we have enough compelling use cases
Mainly to tail logs and the ability to pipe to eg
for further mapping/extraction... I personally find most logging UIs pretty bad (and sorry to say it, that includes signoz) because presentation is often very verbose, selecting what to show is cumbersome, and in general not very nice compared to `tail`/`grep`/`jq`/etc
Some of it can be handled through a better UI, but for some cases it's also just much nicer with a command line tool
I don't mind building it myself though, if it's possible