Hey Paul, Steve, eg look at <https://github.com/S...
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Hey Paul, Steve, eg look at https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/blob/main/charts/signoz/templates/otel-collector/deployment.yaml#L76 and the value is coming from https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/blob/main/charts/signoz/values.yaml#L1091-L1095, similarly https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/blob/main/charts/clickhouse/values.yaml#L160 And the same thing is happening for all the other components. BUT this serves the purpose, since, once the helm charts are rendered, it creates the k8s objects and the images are pulled from respective registries. (docker.io/signoz/signoz-otel-collector, docker.io/clickhouse/clickhouse-server, etc) Even if we modify the charts to default to global registry (if set) you won't be able to use
--set global.image.registry="<http://myregistry.com|myregistry.com>"
until unless you have a copy of all the images in the specified global registry (
in this case) Note:
--set global.image.registry="<http://myregistry.com|myregistry.com>"
is for performing a pull operation not push
Hey Paul, Steve,
no, the current helm charts are pretty much hardcoded.
What Steve said works. The “hardcoded” values are not hardcoded but default. The registry name can always be overrided by
--set global.imageRegistry=...
Correct, but can it be used for pulling the container images?
I trying to change de registry of all containers using helm with the parameter:
--set global.image.registry="<http://myregistry.com|myregistry.com>"
AFAIU, here the ask is if the registry can be changed for
all containers
, but the answer is no, the rendered deployments are not referring to
in values.yaml
though individual images can be tweaked as mentioned in the Readme
this has no effect since the global value defined here is not referenced anywhere in the charts.
does not contain a global default for
but yes, it contains for others
is the missing case, right?
Yeah, probably some places were missed, would you mind creating an issue in the charts repo?
Sure, thanks for bearing up with me
it seems like we are looking a different charts. The one I pulled from charts.signoz.io does have an entry in _helpers.tpl file defining the template symbol that is actually used in the otel-collector deployment.yaml
{{- define "otelCollector.image" -}} {{- $registryName := default .Values.otelCollector.image.registry .Values.global.imageRegistry -}} {{- $repositoryName := .Values.otelCollector.image.repository -}} {{- $tag := .Values.otelCollector.image.tag | toString -}} {{- if $registryName -}} {{- printf "%s/%s:%s" $registryName $repositoryName $tag -}} {{- else -}} {{- printf "%s:%s" $repositoryName $tag -}} {{- end -}} {{- end -}}
@Shivanshu Raj Shrivastava As mentioned by @Steve Sims, we already have support for global registry. Try using the following instead, it adds the custom registry for all images:
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--set global.imageRegistry="<http://myregistry.com|myregistry.com>"