I am just starting to use SigNoz. I am using the s...
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I am just starting to use SigNoz. I am using the self-hosted version which I installed using clickhouse-setup/docker-compose. That was smooth. However, there were two long start up times. clickhouse took about 30 seconds. And the query-service took another 30 seconds. Is this expected? Thank you. I am running in a recent version of Ubuntu.
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✔ Network clickhouse-setup_default                     Created                        0.0s
 ✔ Container zookeeper-1                                Sta...                         1.2s
 ✔ Container hotrod                                     Started                        1.3s
 ✔ Container load-hotrod                                Sta...                         1.0s
 ✔ Container clickhouse                                 Heal...                       32.1s
 ✔ Container clickhouse-setup-otel-collector-1          Started                       32.9s
 ✔ Container clickhouse-setup-otel-collector-metrics-1  Started                       32.7s
 ✔ Container query-service                              H...                          63.1s
 ✔ Container clickhouse-setup-alertmanager-1            Started                       63.4s
 ✔ Container frontend                                   Starte...                     63.8s
Yes, I think It's fine if you are running SigNoz on your machine.
Yes. I can confirm the same while using darwin.
yes, because of dependencies between services, i guess.