Hi team, I have stuck in a problem .As , I am savi...
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Hi team, I have stuck in a problem .As , I am saving my logs in a file and use logstash to send logs to signoz otel collector .But , I am not able to extract trace_id and span_id through logs body as its stringify. So, I write a logstash receiver as defined in docs and also edit operator from empty array to -type: json_parser. But still , I am not able yo get traced_id and span_id. Pls help . below i attached my receiver , processor code and logstash json logs for better understanding.
Hi Shivam, can you share what you see in the signoz UI ? Click on the log line and share me the json. It’s a problem of mapping as attributes in logstash doesn’t directly match with otel attributes you will have to do some transformations, we can help you do that once you share the above. Also any reason for sticking with logstash, is it something that you are already using with your stack ?