Hi folks! Recently I integrated Signoz with <Trace...
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Hi folks! Recently I integrated Signoz with Tracetest to allow users to do Trace-based tests in their applications while storing traces on Signoz (PR with context and example app). At that time I chose to add another OTel Collector in front of Signoz sending traces to Signoz and Tracetest to avoid users to do any customization on Signoz OTel Collector. To improve this integration we are thinking on getting traces from Signoz directly from it, instead adding this additional OtelCollector, allowing users that already has their services sending telemetry to Signoz directly to also be able to do Trace-based tests. Looking into your documentation I have not found any API to query traces directly. Do you know how we can do that?
There is an API for that, but it requires a token. Can you create a GitHub issue?
sure, thanks!