hello! I have installed signoz with the helm chart...
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hello! I have installed signoz with the helm chart, and am just getting started with it. The `signoz-otel-collector`’s logs show a frequent error when exporting metrics to clickhouse,
{"kind": "exporter", "data_type": "metrics", "name": "clickhousemetricswrite", "error": "Permanent error: unsupported metric type; Permanent error: unsupported metric type", "errorCauses": [{"error": "Permanent error: unsupported metric type"}, {"error": "Permanent error: unsupported metric type"}], "dropped_items": 3}
. Is there a way to understand what the invalid metric type is? I realize this might be a question for maintainers of
, but maybe this channel has someone who knows how to investigate at least
I added a logging exporter with
verbosity: detailed
and I see a bunch of metrics with DataType: Empty
They look like this:
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Metric #1
     -> Name: http.server.duration
     -> Description: measures the duration of the inbound HTTP request
     -> Unit: ms
     -> DataType: Empty
Metric #2
     -> Name: http.server.response.size
     -> Description: measures the size of HTTP response messages (compressed).
     -> Unit: By
     -> DataType: Empty
This is a Python (FastAPI) application. Something must be wrong with instrumentation or a library.
Looks like you already made PR in upstream repo https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-python/pull/3395.