# support


07/21/2023, 3:37 AM
hi team, coming from data dog, looked at uptrace, comparing signoz pitching this to the management, i need solid answers to these usecases 1. Metrics, Logs, Traces, Log Analytics [this is already on the roadmap] 2. Compute Environment -- Server-less, EC2, ECS, K8 3. Languages -- Go [Zap is already solid here], python, node, react [i was able to push metrics and traces, struggling with logs] [mostly via otel collector, we will have this as a central source and multiple projects] 4. Dont want to run secondary service to process logs, want to push this to signoz any references to nodejs, where logs are pushed to 4318 via internet

Ankit Nayan

07/21/2023, 7:18 AM
Hi @Abhishek, are you talking about OSS self installation or our hosted service? 1. We support all of metrics, traces and logs. What do you want to know? 2. SigNoz should ideally be centrally installed. It supports EC2 and k8s. The workloads to observe (applications) can be in any of the mentioned environments. 3. I didn't get the question. Do you need help in setting up logs from applications? Which language? 4. Otel-collector agents should be run in each host/VM and they have the ability to process logs and forward to SigNoz