# support

Nick Burrett

07/15/2023, 10:45 AM
One of the gotchas I just experienced upgrading to signoz v0.23.0 is that Helm does not upgrade CRDs, so my clickhouse cluster lost a node. You get warnings like this in the operator, referring to fields that are not in the installed CRD: W0714 153701.316359 1 warnings.go:70] unknown field "status.hostsWithTablesCreated" W0714 153701.316370 1 warnings.go:70] unknown field "status.pod-ips" I ended up having to git clone the charts, manually apply the CRDs and then restart the operator

Prashant Shahi

07/15/2023, 12:36 PM
Hi @Nick Burrett 👋 Unfortunately, we would have to manually update CRDS since, Helm is incapable of upgrading the them. You can find the docs to upgrade the CRD here:

Nick Burrett

07/15/2023, 2:58 PM
I think I ended up upgrading yesterday, before the docs were published on the site