Hey Guys! i was trying out signoz, there are few i...
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Hey Guys! i was trying out signoz, there are few issues i have ran into. 1. URLs not showing up - as you can see in the attached screenshot, only the HTTP GET or HTTP POST is being shown here no url path is visible due to which it is getting difficult to navigate. 2. Spans showing individually. Not grouped with under one trace properly - Spans are not being grouped properly. 3. Aggregated trace metrics for a single route are not shown - The Trace Metrics are not visible in aggregate way as it can be seen in other APMs, if it is available i might have not been abote to find it. please point me into right direction. Some information about the setup: 1. we are using Rails 6 a. The Application uses Grape router instead of default router. 2. we are trying out Signoz On-Prem setup 3. Otel Gem versions: a. opentelemetry-instrumentation-all (0.33.0) b. opentelemetry-exporter-otlp (0.24.0) c. opentelemetry-sdk (~> 1.2) Thankyou for your support!
@Pranay Patro 1. The operation name is what is instrumented using OpenTelemetry. You can check the attributes of the span if it has
attribute. We are about to release a new explorer page in 1 week. There will be a configuration to show other attributes in the table view as well. You could choose
to be displayed. 2. Showing only root spans will also be part of the new trace explorer page 3. Did you check an individual service? The service Overview page has rps, error %, latencies of overall service and per endpoint also cc: @Vishal Sharma