I am unable to run the signoz docker setup after c...
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I am unable to run the signoz docker setup after cleaning old version images, container, network and volumes for docker via docker prune command Commit on git
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commit 2ee7817685cc921ffe295db3388bc1e370ee3d15 (HEAD -> main, origin/main)
Merge: 4a467435 803cfd1a
Author: Ankit Nayan <ankit@signoz.io>
Date:   Thu Jun 22 00:56:11 2023 +0530

    Merge pull request #2955 from SigNoz/release/v0.21.0
Error while running
docker-compose up -d
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Creating network "clickhouse-setup_default" with the default driver
Creating zookeeper-1 ... done
Creating clickhouse  ... done
Creating query-service                             ... done
Creating clickhouse-setup_otel-collector_1         ... done
Creating clickhouse-setup_otel-collector-metrics_1 ... done

ERROR: for alertmanager  Container "e13908186a47" is unhealthy.
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.
I have only commented out
in docker-compose.yaml
docker logs e13
When upgrade from version <= 0.18 to >= 0.19+ you need to run migration https://signoz.io/docs/operate/migration/upgrade-0.19/
Followed the doc and recreating containers after migration with docker-compose up -d done the job. Thanks