Hi Team, Getting the following error while trying ...
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Hi Team, Getting the following error while trying to upgrade helm
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Error: UPGRADE FAILED: unable to build kubernetes objects from current release manifest: resource mapping not found for name: "my-release-signoz-frontend" namespace: "platform" from "": no matches for kind "HorizontalPodAutoscaler" in version "autoscaling/v2beta2"
ensure CRDs are installed first
Current K8s version is 1.26. I see that autoscaling/v2beta2 is not supported in 1.26, but how can i override this.
See this https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/pull/220. You should be able to change this with override-values.yaml
Thanks Srikanth, will try this and check
Hey @Srikanth Chekuri, have been trying this but could not find on how to override this. I have seen posts saying that Capabilities cant be overridden from the values.yaml file. If possible can you please provide a snippet on how to do this.